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So we've gone through most of the house and gotten rid of a ton of stuff. We're keeping all the stuff we actually need and use regularly. There's also a liminal category of "what we don't use, but can't lose". And for your interest, here are the members of that category. Perhaps this is terribly telling. Perhaps not.

In the garage we have:
6 file boxes (including my notes and papers from grad school)
7 bins of books
4 bins of kitchen stuff (unused dishes, serving pieces, rarely used appliances...)
3 bins of toys, dolls, puzzles, games
5 bins of baby/girl clothes (somebody have a baby already!)
3 bins of dress-up costumes
3 bins of our clothes (includes the sentimental T-shirts, fancy clothes, and sweaters)
3 bins of yarn
1 bin of fabric
2 bins of tchotchkes
3 bins of photo albums
2 bins of pictures and art
more artwork too large for bins
large telescope
nice doors that don't fit our house... might soon?
little pieces of wood that verge on useful
usual yardcare and fix-it stuff that you expect in a garage
baby opossum

the baby possum I saw just outside the garage and I hope it went away. it was tiny and cute but it was still vermin and I don't know where its mommy vermin was. My guess is that someone was doing noisy yardwork and scared it over this way.

There are a few more things still to join their liminal brethren in the garage.

posted by kristi at 5/19/2003 01:09:00 PM
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