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lemon tree, very pretty

I feel like I am at the end of an era. Work on the house begins tomorrow.

I asked a neighbor Saturday if he could help us take down our two fruit trees. All of the sudden he was here on Sunday and the peach and the lemon were gone in no time flat! The lemon, in particular was hard to see go. Not that it was the world's most beautiful tree, but it was old and bore lots of fruit. Lemons don't really have a dormant season so I could almost always pop out and grab one as necessary. A footing needs to be dug right where the tree stood, so there was no working around it.

I do like the way the courtyard is opened up and lighter. And with 10 feet going on to the top of the house on one side, it will feel more closed in. Still, everytime I go by a window I have a strange feeling until I realize that it is its absence that I am feeling.

I did spend a little time fantasizing about what I will put back in when all is said and done. My thought is that it would be nice to have it all edible. There'll still be a small orange tree and a fig tree. Herbs flanking one side -- lavenders, sages and rosemarys -- which all do very well here. Mints beneath the orange tree. And a raised bed about 4 feet by 12 feet on the southern side with an artful selection of vegetables and more thirsty herbs.

posted by kristi at 5/26/2003 11:09:00 AM
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