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Here in the house-upheaval zone, there's not much time for knitting. But I do have a couple of things going. First, a scarf for Zoe's kindergarten teacher. She's been fabulous and always comments on the handknit goods. So she's getting a very soft, charcoal grey alpaca/cotton scarf with a Fizz border. She wears a lot of soft black and white stuff and is always bundled up, so I think it will suit her. It's garter stitch so it's absolutely mindless and good for a few minutes of restorative knitting when needed.

I'm already working on my fall Knitty project, or one of them. I have several irons in the fire, we'll see which one salutes (melts?). (How to end this metaphor?) I'd tell you about it, but Squib would be forced to rip my tongue out.

I have a hankering to cast on another little sock as that seems so comforting, but I want to get this scarf done first. Sure, it's soothing, but FEET of garter stitch need a bit of stick-to-it.

I've been editing all the patterns for the summer issue of Knitty, due out so soon (beginning of June) that if you stick your tongue out, you could probably taste it. Lots of great stuff. You'll swoon.

posted by kristi at 5/19/2003 12:44:00 PM
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