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3 things about me

Thing 1: This week, a really exciting project came my way for the autumn issue of Knitty. A departure from usual knitting mag fare, but really cool. Can't wait to get started on it.

Thing 2: I was approached by a parent at the Kindergarten fence last week who asked if I sewed. Tricky question to answer, because you don't want to take on someone else's project when you never seem to have time for your own. Anyway, turns out that she (a jewelry maker) is making the findings/hardware for a woman who is designing some purses. She wants me to sew the prototypes for her. I will meet with her this morning to see if it is at all feasible for me to do so. Have to see how involved they are and what sort of fabrics she has in mind. I'm not sewing leather or anything. I'm intrigued by the idea of a purse with handworked findings... but I suppose that's just the prototype.

Thing 3: Turns out I am a total art martyr for windows. Apparently, it costs extra if you insist that your muntin bars be 12 inches from the top on all windows... It also costs extra if you want the horizontal muntin bar to be 1.25 inches and the vertical one to be .875 inches, even if both of those sorts of muntins are stock... Oh, and wood, inside and out. You can tell. I think we're done with windows.

Now I can concentrate on the bathtub... or doorknobs or something.

posted by kristi at 6/06/2003 06:29:00 AM
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