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Here's our beautiful new sofa! A neighbor gave it to us! How nice is that? It's proportioned all wrong for her long and lanky, back-troubled beau, so they needed a new sofa. Anyway, it's lovely, but it blows my vision of 20's modern out. Ah well. Now I'm thinking sofa... oriental rug... tiffany lamp... but not too precious.... or fussy... or hard to clean.

So now I'm on the prowl for some chairs to co-ordinate. Certainly I'm sleuthing through the second hand shops, but one can't always depend on finding something. I'm not afraid of reupholstering, either.

Second criteria: Has to be sturdy. With two small kids, even if this isn't the playroom anymore, we still need to have furniture that's tough.

Saw a chair at Restoration Hardware, but it was too pricy... I don't know if they ever mark things down to half price or anything. Third criteria: Has to be something I can afford.

If you see anything good, you let me know. Of if your grandmother lives in El Cajon and would really rather have our Barcalounger instead of those two club chairs...

And that day-glo pink sweater Zoe is wearing is something my Mom knit. Zoe chose the yarn. She loves this sweater best of all. Has a hood and kangaroo pocket. Plus, it's hot pink.

And speaking of Zoe's taste: She and I bumped into one of those hotel/motel art show things in front of the grocery store this weekend. Of all the pictures, her favorites were some that featured a Tuscan villa at sunset with boats on the water and lots of flowers in the foreground. Cliche in that PBS "almighty sunshine" oil painting way, but nonetheless a sophisticated choice for a five year old -- she doesn't know it's been painted a thousand times before. If it didn't cost $200, I would have bought it for her.

posted by kristi at 7/22/2003 06:53:00 AM
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