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don't like new blogger. can't copy and paste old posts well. anyone else have any thoughts or remedies?

comments seem broken. they are there. the counter just doesn't work. and i thought everyone was just on commenting holiday. if in doubt, you can always email me.

house is coming along. they roughed in the stairs yesterday! they'll start framing the upstairs today. i need to update my house website too.

my wish for four hands has come true! i have now lined up my own little guild to knit my goodies. a thousand thanks to you! what a relief to be able to design the things i want to design without the stress of having to knit to deadlines.

i have little time and energy to knit these days: have been at the home despot after bedtime two nights running. first, to look at faucets. who knew we were such faucet martyrs? i am now painfully familiar with every faucet in production, i think. we want a sink with "widespread" elements (e.g. spigot and handles not attached to one another), bases not too bulbous and tea-potty, but not too contemporary either. Cross handles, spigot should look neither screamingly contemporary or institutional. On the tub/shower we want separate handles rather than the round thing in the middle. Also, the shower diverter should be a handle, not one of those pull up things. Oh, and the spigot can't be the standard one -- too "institutional". Oh, and it shouldn't cost a million bucks. Either brushed nickel or shiny chrome, we're not picky. Hah!

yesterday's home despot trip was to get a piece of glass cut to replace the one Zoe broke in the rental house this weekend. the chair she tipped went through it, not her, thankfully. the other silver lining... since i've got a crew of nice and handy guys at my house all the time, they're going to fix it for me. i just had to go get the glass and i'll do a bit of touch up painting. i can only imagine that i would pay someone a couple hundred smackers to come in and do it.

strangely, i would not describe zoe as clumsy in the slightest. she's a monkey bar queen and always has been. anyway, ms. monkey has, in her short life, broken 3 mirrors, 1 window, and her arm. maybe the velcro wall and playsuit would be a "good thing".

posted by kristi at 7/02/2003 07:12:00 AM
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