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ladies and gentlemen, paint your trim!

Having surveyed and studied the paint colors on every house I've passed for the past several weeks, I beseech you, homeowners, to paint your trim! Don't paint it the same color as your house. Go for some contrast! If your house is light, choose a darker trim. If your house is dark, go for a lighter color. Bring out those windows! As we're fond of saying around here, "Windows are the eyes of the soul."

I am amazed at how many houses have only the front window trim painted out. The ones on the side are white like the house. Also, if there is some bit of architectural detailing on your house that's interesting, paint it so it stands out! Your house will thank you.

And for those of you who are wondering what color we're going to paint OUR trim... well, umm, pretty much the same color as it was.

Since the house now seems huge to us, and is bigger than most of its neighbors, we decided that the house itself ought not to be too dark as it would loom too much. Most of the houses on our street are some shade of white/cream/beige. Not to be a sore thumb, ours will be too. Sure, we like to draw attention to ourselves, but not too much.

With a white/cream/beige stucco house with a tile roof, our trim choices, we felt, could be brown, blue or green. If the house could be, say, yellow, I'd go with a cherry/cinnamon/burgandy brown. But with the white, it seems either too bold (if redder) or too dull (if browner). Blue and white seems too Aegean or too nautical. Foresty green is nice, but almost every house on the block has dark green trim.

Thus we will have an eggshell/Navaho white house with deep turquoise trim. Only faintly different from what it was.

posted by kristi at 8/05/2003 05:20:00 PM
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