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The sweater I cast on on Tuesday is finished and blocking. Still in time to make it's debut in Knitty*. Now I'm in that "I never wanna knit again... except... maybe... I'll just swatch a little" state of mind.

I fairly desperately want to work on the 4 Faces quilt. I am going for the fusing approach a.k.a. IRON ON! This clears many nasty sewing hurdles out of my creative path. Still need to get supplies... and ultimately enough mental and physical space to really work on it. Thus it will probably wait until we are back in the house.

YACCS is still broken which also pains me. I need comments. I need feedback. I need adulation.

*A little bird tells me Knitty will be out within the week. And it looks great. You will love it.

posted by kristi at 9/08/2003 02:23:00 PM
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