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party trick?

I've been thinking a bit about left handed vs. right handed knitting. Also about Continental vs. English styles. I'm a lefty you see, but I knit right handed English style. So I was goofing around with a little swatch/coin purse and midway through thought I'd try a little Continental. Since I was already knitting English right, it worked out to do the next row Continental left.

I'd tried Continental before but right-handed and could never get the swing of it.

So, I went along doing one row Continental left and then one row English right (but through the back loops since that was the way it worked out right). Worked like a charm -- and the great wonder is that it works out that every row is knit right side. You don't have to turn the work. It's all knit stitch, but it's stockinette.

I can't decide whether this non-turning approach is actually good for anything other than knitting in cramped quarters where slinging your whole project around at the end of the row is awkward, but it seems like a good party trick.

posted by kristi at 9/10/2003 09:41:00 AM
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