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Here's the house in it's new and improved form -- with skin!

Roof tiles go on today too... except IT'S RAINING. Not pouring, but a definite rain. Heard it in the night. Decided to ignore it. Couldn't really be rain... couldn't be that much rain. Didn't leave anything too important outside. I think it was just the stroller. With sweaters, shoes and various snack bits that have no doubt turned into a disgusting goo with the water. And the bikes. Kneepads. Elbowpads. Helmet. My newly started mosaic project. It's tile, right? It's okay to get wet. The cardboard boxes, less so. My new tile nippers... better dry those soon. Two pairs of shoes.

Rain always surprises me.

Here are a couple of photos of my girls.

Zoe doing her Joan Jett/Pat Benatar thing for a birthday party.

And Ella on an "Allergator" by Niki de Saint Phalle.

posted by kristi at 9/23/2003 06:31:00 AM
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