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Proof that I do still knit. I haven't been up to anything too ambitious lately. Various noodlings. Doll hats. That sort of thing.

This is a little camera-cozy. I wanted to try to keep the sand crumbs dreck off it when I throw it in my bag.

Mostly this was an experiment with textures on some kool-aid dyed leftovers. I like the way moss stitch brings out the color variation; I really like the way the linen stitch (if that's what you call it) brings it out.

And here is Eleanor reluctantly modeling her new sweater. Or bits of at least two started sweaters. The sleeves I made a long time ago from a skein of Colinette Columbo I received. I made two sets because I decided the slightly different shade suited what I was doing more. These were just waiting in the wings. The green stuff was a thrift-store sweater I ripped and recycled. It didn't hold up to it's washing and re-knitting as well as I would have liked, but I didn't want to rip it out, so it was waiting in limbo. Originally I was going to finish the green one with some leftovers from Surf N Turf, but didn't want to waste that on a sweater body that I was ambivalent about.

So I stuck them together. The sleeve caps were straight and the body was shaped, but I improvised a bit with that. To pull it together, I crocheted around the neck and hem with another bit of variegata (I think this was a bit I unraveled from an old sweater and dyed with Kool-Aid). It's nice to complete things!

posted by kristi at 10/20/2003 06:48:00 AM
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