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the longest day

I awoke early today, before the sun rose. Already I could feel dry, warm air coming through the window. As the sun rose the sky looked like a bruise -- grey green with angry red.

It still looks like the sun is setting on the wrong side of the sky because the sky is dark and red to the east. Turns out today is the first day of strong Santa Ana winds. And there are some big wild fires far to the east of us. Ash is falling. It's dry and hot. At 9:00 in the morning. Very strange.

So today is the longest day of the year. I feel like I've already been awake a long time and done a lot. I celebrated the extra time by making raisin bread French toast with sauteed apples for breakfast. Yummy.

So what are you doing with your extra hour?

posted by kristi at 10/26/2003 09:01:00 AM
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