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My sofa is in recovery.

Meant to take a true "before" photo, but in the heat of the moment, I skinned it before I took a picture. You can see it's Ur-fabric there, the brown, plaid, highly-synthetic fiber that bespeaks this sofa's original 70's existence. It's a really heavy hide-a-bed and its lines are nice and straight, so it continues to be servicable.

I recovered it once before in WHITE in about 1995 -- before I had children or pets. But it's suffered and it's ready for a new lease on life.

Since our neighbors kindly gave us our new "parlor sofa" this one goes into the family room/guestroom now. I chose a darker color with a pattern to hide stains this time, too. Indeed, the fabric's pretty bold -- the turquoise/teal color in the rug with tan, orange, brick red and black candy-corn like splotches. The colors are just right with the rug, so I went with it. There were only so many options on the clearance rack of the upholstery store and fabric feel was important too.

posted by kristi at 10/06/2003 06:17:00 AM
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