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Okay, my apologies to those for whom there is bad weather. Heard they got 5 inches of rain yesterday in the homeland (the specific northwest).

As the saying goes, we don't have weather here, we have climate. But our summer weather was sort of mediocre this year. But it's here now. Even our neighborhood, where it's always cooler, has been 80. Elsewhere, close to 100. October is often hot, but it's still surprising to have such hot temperatures when the days are short.

Anyway, went to Balboa Park yesterday which was gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Even from this photo in the shade, you can tell how beautiful the light is this time of year. (I sound like one of those crazy PBS painters, "Ze light, ze light, ze allpowerful light!") Checked out a couple of museums as it was Free Tuesday. And when Ella and her friend Ynez started stripping off their clothes and cavorting like water nymphs in the fountain, who were we to stop them?

posted by kristi at 10/22/2003 05:48:00 AM
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