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Okay, someone a while back asked me about the late-model GAPkid poncho. The thing had that multi-color stashbuster look and it was cute. I don't think that it had any significant detailing other than the stripiness. It's no longer available online so I can't point you to a picture.

My question is this: If I cast on some massive number of stitches and then worked it like two enormous mitered squares, I'd get a poncho, right? Work a double decrease midfront and midback every other row. Switch colors at will. Knit until the headhole has a squarish, done-ish look that a kid's head fits through? Add fringe.

Obviously this will work for an adult sized-poncho of many colors too if that's the sort of thing you want. Full-length or pelerine or dickey or squashed-doublet or whatever.

Anyone have a kid-sized poncho that they can measure for me? Need bottom diameter mostly, but also the neck to hem measurement at the poncho's longest and shortest.

posted by kristi at 11/05/2003 05:45:00 AM
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