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sort of.

we are 90% moved in. still a few more boxes to unpack and shelves and closets to organize. and the mostly-recovered sofa is in the overstuffed garage because the movers couldn't get it into the room down the hall (our old hallway is very narrow and they couldn't turn it) or through the back gate to go into the back door. so we have to get a few guys to come and HOIST it over the garage into the backyard. but that's just a phonecall. i don't actually have to lift the thing!

hound people about landscapers/driveway guys (a good concrete guy is, apparently, hard to find.)
call driveway guys if you find them.
call painter and get him scheduled for living room and dining room.
ditto floor guy.
find non-striking grocery store and go there to buy foods.
call phone company so that we actually have phone service to make these calls from a landline. (as i've often said, i can live without a phone, but not without the internet... have to go next door to use the phone, but computer's going fine).
continue scouring the rental house as cleaning guy won't come to this neighborhood any more (?) and in the hours it would take me to line up a decent cleaning person, i could do it myself...
call yard guy for neighbor's to trim trees.
order fridge part to fix neighbor's broken fridge.
go to yarn store to buy self gift with money saved by cleaning neighbor's house myself?

oh, and be here when dave the builder comes to investigate sinister leak issuing from upstairs bathtub and dripping from downstairs hall light.

posted by kristi at 11/13/2003 06:49:00 AM
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