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seeing the light

this is what i am most struck by in moving back into our house. the house we have been renting had windows, but, with the exception of the kitchen window which faced the street, they all looked onto the yard and patio which are fenced and landscaped in. it's a very insular/introspective house in that way.

our own house has always been quite light and airy with windows on two sides in virtually every room. the amount of sky you can see from the second floor is a whole new thing though, that didn't show up in any sort of architectural sketch or imagining. the stuff you can see is nice enough (except for the powerlines, etc.), but seeing the sky is great. i have become fascinated with sunrise and sunset, wind and cloud. i think we may be in for weather today -- it's windy and the sky was very grey and yellow after sunrise...

posted by kristi at 11/16/2003 06:57:00 AM
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