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If you don't have young children (or take lots of drugs and watch children's television) you will not know what I am talking about. But I love Blue's Clues. The old ones, with Steve. Something about him (I think he's really a pretty smart, funny guy) spending years in a studion in a mix of dead-pan-hyperenthusiasm interacting with NOTHING... and doing it so well.

We just got a holiday video from the library in which Steve wears AN OBVIOUSLY HANDKNIT SWEATER. It's green and green striped (obviously), with oversized, dropped shoulders too big sleeves and rolled collar. It was such a brilliant jab at poorly fitting holiday sweaters which wasn't even pointed to -- it was just there.

Steve quit Blue's Clues to work on an album. For adults. You can read about that and other things on his website. Apparently, he's tight with the Flaming Lips. Or at least they have the same producer. I heard an interview on NPR a while back.

posted by kristi at 12/22/2003 07:43:00 AM
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