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i could be president!

on the 25th, i'll be 35. zoe urges me to run for president. "you know, we've never had a president who was a woman!" now that she's become aware of this gap in our nation's fabric, she has decided she should be president herself. and only 29 years to campaign!

35. no complaints. except for now i am lumped in with the 35-50 year olds instead of with the 24 year olds. my place as a member of the target audience has shifted.

i bought myself a little treat the other day: some silk garden to make one of those Multidirectional Scarves. I bought two skeins, but I think I will need a third as I am already almost through the first. Of course, now it's Sunday, the yarn store is closed for two days, and we'll be out of town by the time it opens. Think I'll call my mom and ask her what her yarn store hours are going to be over the holidays. Must get third skein before xmas or I won't have enough knitting to see me through.

I will also say that this project has finally gotten me through a LONG spot of knitting doldrums. Sure, I've been knitting, but usually for a deadline or some other knitting obligation. This was a complete indulgence and it's fun and quick and the yarn is lovely. I've done lots with Kureyon, but never done the this one. The subtlety the silk adds to the yarn gives it that shine and extra depth. So I'm finally itching to knit, and find myself sneaking away to get a few minutes in here and there.

posted by kristi at 12/21/2003 06:27:00 AM
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