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not a good start to the day. ella woke up early due to a snotty nose, and my unstuffy nose sensed there was something rotten in denmark. or in the den. as the sun rose enough for me to see what was going on from here in the computer chair, i realized that my knitting basket was on the floor at a rather suspect angle. the kitty had peed in it. eeew! thankfully (maybe?) she pooped on the floor.

in her defense (arguably), i had put her litter box outside and had just been shoving her out the door episodically. apparently not episodically enough. or the fact that it was raining kept her in. eeew. anyway, "cat flap" which was really on the "to do" list, has now risen right up to the top. more than you needed to know, clearly.

fortunately, most (most) of the yarn, etc., was in ziplocs, but the straw tote itself (and a couple skeins) must be written off.

eeew. not a good start to the day.

posted by kristi at 1/03/2004 07:54:00 AM
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