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Finished my multidirectional scarf over the holidays. Two skeins of Silk Garden was a smidgen short, but I finished it off as there wasn't another skein handy. I may go get third and either knit a bit more or add some fringe or both. It looks great with this jacket, though!

I've knit a few baby hats as it seems like there are new babies here and there that have little bald heads to cover.

And now that I've done those things I keep trying to renew my interest in the albatross. An undone project that needs completing... and I'm only halfway through the front! I am beholden on several sides to get this done and yet it's pull on me is largely of obligation rather than pure knitting excitement at this point.

The yarn is lovely, but it's a solid color and the gauge is smaller than my usual. And it's got a simple pattern to the stitches so I can't completely zone out.

Further analysis: In our current set up, I never watch any television and thus, I rarely knit. Since our sofa wouldn't fit through the family room door, there's only the big comfy chair to sit in. And after the kids are in bed, if Leo and I actually wanted to watch something, someone has to sit on the floor. We went out and bought a new sofa last weekend and it will be delivered the 14th. Maybe this will let me "knit through" these issues. That and actually having some free time.

So what do you do while you knit? Sure something really pretty or tricky can occupy your full attention for a while, but most projects do not absorb us fully. Do you listen to music? Watch TV? Try to learn French? Right now I'm reading Harry Potter -- I certainly coulnd't do that and knit!

posted by kristi at 1/09/2004 06:02:00 AM
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