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4 minutes.

How long does it take to unravel the neck of a turtleneck sweater and pick up the stitches? 4 minutes. It's only 2 sts to the inch, and the sts are mostly live, so I just ran a needle through them... but yes, 4 minutes. This, apparently, is still too long to do live on television.

So add re-knitting the neck of sweater B to the list of things to do before Friday. Seems like I have projects everywhere. Everyroom has some wad of clothing with needles sticking out of it. (Well, except the bathroom... it has drying recycled yarn.) The amount of knitting required on these is tiny, an inch on a cuff here, an couple inches of neckline there... So it's not the time constraint that's plaguing me, I think it's having so many balls in the air.

Oh and do the laundry so I can pack along the rest of my wardrobe (the part that isn't black/navy/white/yellow/striped/sleeveless/lowcut/too seasonal) so the TV people can tell me what to wear, learn to apply make-up and get my nails done (get my nails done, hah!).

There's lots going on, but it's all good. And I'm going to arrive in L.A. about 3:00 on Thursday and I don't shoot until noon on Friday, so I'll have lots of time to chill there. Watching cable TV, knitting and evoking something somewhat spa-like from the Holiday Inn. And after the shoot, I'm hooking up with old friends for dinner. Don't have to come home until Saturday.

posted by kristi at 2/24/2004 06:08:00 AM
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