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This sweater was a quick and dirty update. I just hacked off the collar with scissors and sewed a quick hem. To call this a sweater is overstating. It's a knit fabric but not really a sweater; there are visible sts large enough to jam a #3 needle into, so I did. Picked up every other cuff stitch and then worked these snazzy borders in Tahki Poppy.

And this is the black former-turtleneck seen below. I ripped and re-used the yarn from the neck and supplemented with the shades of aqua and more black. Took a bit of hunting to find a yarn of the right gauge, but this worked out great. And the blacks matched really well.

Aside from ripping the neck off this one (which was replaced with a simple crocheted edge to finish it), I cut the ribbing off the bottom and picked up stitches there. I decided to work in the round, even though there were seams on the top half. This is supposed to be quick and easy, right? I measured the top against an existing dress for length, figured out how many rows I would knit and worked out my stripe pattern. The rest was total auto-pilot.

I wasn't sure how this was going to work out, but I like it. The original top had good basic lines and fit well. That was important. I could see using this for other dresses. You need to steer away from too-heavy yarns on the bottom obviously, but I could imagine a neat mosaic pattern or color blocks or wild stash-busting stripes. Knit yourself a matching scarf or pillbox hat and you're fabulously put together.

posted by kristi at 2/11/2004 05:50:00 AM
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