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I'm back from my trip up to L.A. to shoot my episode of Knitty Gritty for the DIY network. The show won't air until July or August. I'm show number 112 if that helps you find me. The whole experience was fun, but kind of exhausting.

I was staying in Woodland Hills which I would characterize as outer-urban. And scattered with all those mega-chain stores you know and love. Actually, this was kind of reassuing as it was easy to find exactly what I needed.

Here's my little photo essay of the trip:

Here I am driving... in traffic. Though I live in Southern California, I really don't drive much and rarely on the freeway. The traffic in Los Angeles is everything you've heard it is.

I did find this gorgeous gift basket in my room at the Holiday Inn of Woodland Hills. Note the Lantern Basket and gorgeous Lantern Moon needles!

My parking spot at the Panavision studio.

And the star on my "dressing room" door. In truth, it was smaller than a bathroom stall, but still...

Here's some of the crew knitting on lunchbreak outside the set.

After lunch, it was time to get ready to shoot my show.... We started shooting about 3:00. Here, the counter is being readied to shoot my first segment on ripping out sweaters to re-use. We actually had a lot of fun with this segment.

Me and a couple of my "knitsters" who were working on projects in the background of the set.

A cue card. Remember though, that this is an "inexpensive" project, not a cheap one.

And finally, me and host, Vickie Howell after we finally finished up around 7:30 on Friday.

Everyone involved with the show was really nice. That made the whole thing good. Ultimately, the shooting is fairly grueling. Ready and on the set at 11:00 and done at 7:30. Plus, they had already shot one show before mine... and two the day before on the same schedule. But the whole crew was pleasant and interesting and I left feeling like it would have been nice to have more time to just hang out with them. I saw a few of the other guests on the show: Shetha Nolke, Vickie Square, Beverly Galeskas, Karen Baumer...

And when I left the hotel, the woman at the counter said, "I love your clothes, are you a designer?" And I got to say, "Yes I am. I design knitwear. I am here doing the TV show." Hee hee. I guess I was dressing the part.

posted by kristi at 2/29/2004 05:18:00 PM
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