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Admittedly, I've been talking more about my knitting over the last couple of weeks. With all the stuff going on this month, my knitting world is more exciting than actual knitting (to the outside observer at least). But I've had 4 people in less than 48 hours extremely eager for me to teach them to knit. Including my dentist!

I've been contemplating teaching knitting in earnest for a while. Figure a class of about 8 students. 2 hours every week or every other week. I'm thinking about syllabus, hand-outs, lesson plans, etc. Which is also very exciting to me. I love that part of teaching, assuming I don't have to do it at the last minute.

Thinking about extra activities to include like Kool-Aid dyeing, making knitting needles, felting...

But here's a question: What yarn would you use with brand new knitters? Obviously, something easy to work with, but I'd also like something that's pretty and enjoyable. Figure once they get the knit stitch down, we can take a field trip to the LYS, but I want their first yarn to be a good one.

posted by kristi at 2/18/2004 05:29:00 PM
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