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thriftstore score?

attention retail shoppers! for the TV gig i am re-doing some thrift items, right? except that TV needs before/during/after sweaters to show the "step-outs". so i need five sweaters pretty much the same. i've been poking around at inexpensive retail, but haven't found the thing. help!

the garment of choice in thriftstores is the sleeveless shell with monstrous turtleneck, in bulky yarn. a garment that deserves a make-over anyway. but i haven't found five yet. oh, and they can't be black. or white.

if you are a shopper and you happen to see a turtleneck sweater or top, knit at 4 sts/inch or greater, let me know where. oh, and they can't cost more than about $15 a piece.

posted by kristi at 2/02/2004 06:25:00 AM
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