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still waiting for my yarn to arrive to get started on the TV project...

i did go on a thrift safari and found a fifth light blue turtleneck. i decided which one should represent which "phase" of the sweater and have begun with ripping what needs to be ripped. the ripping is much more fussy and time consuming that the knitting anyway. since i wanted 5 similar sweaters in color, i wasn't as able to be as choosy about other aspects of the sweater, so some are hard to rip out. obviously, i'm ripping those behind the scenes. On TV it'll look easy :)

And trying to figure out what to wear on TV that isn't black, white, dark blue, yellow, striped, shiny, lownecked, sleeveless or too seasonal. oh, and hopefully demonstrates my prowess at re-doing sweaters. heh.

posted by kristi at 2/15/2004 07:11:00 AM
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