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happiness by the yard.

i went to the giant wholesale nursery on friday with a gardener friend of mine and filled his truck and my car with plants. here's some gazania going back in to the front yard. a lot of it got trampled, sand-blasted, buried under piles of dirt, but it's beginning to come back already. i really got a dizzying number of plants and it was so great to come back and start planting.

and the courtyard is done! found someone to come in and loose set bricks for me and he finished up saturday. there are no longer any areas of the yard that are crusty, sandy, pits of construction debris. i can walk in and out of the house without dragging in huge amounts of dust and mud. not to mention finally having something pretty to look at. and having a whole new room to use. really, it's the biggest room in the house and the center of everything. visible from nearly every room, so it's such a relief to have the floor done! now i can start planting and "decorating".

the weather was so beautiful yesterday. i spent almost the whole day outside moving dirt, planting a few things, moving the plant containers around again, sweeping, watering... luxuriating.

i am eager to get out there again today. a few more "structural" plants to buy and place before i start filling things in. papyrus, banana, agapanthus. some climbing things for the neighbor's fence. purple passion vine, morning glory, some orange thing i've seen. a couple of hanging pots... and maybe a swing by the talavera tile store to see if they have the fountain of my dreams...

having all the major house projects done is so nice. the relief of that coupled with the joy of being in a beautiful spot puttering in the garden... finally, in the evening we built a little fire in the chiminea. i took zoe out there at bedtime and we sat for a few quiet minutes watching the sparks from the dying fire and the stars in the sky.

i am lucky.

posted by kristi at 3/29/2004 05:49:00 AM
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