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Most of the yard is now blissfully done. Keeping me in springtime business certainly, but mostly done. And I am still dwelling on the fountain for the courtyard.

There's this. 18 x 22 inches and the real handpainted ceramic deal from Mexico. Pricetag: $600! I'm sure I could get one for less at the source, but a trip to Puebla, Mexico would certainly cost more and I don't know if there are really any Talavera places closer in Mexico that I could get to in a day.

And there's this. $175. Fiberglass. About the same dimensions.

Or there's somesort of DIY approach with a rectangle or arch of Talavera directly on the wall with some sort of spitting head and bowl, though somehow all the ones I've seen like this seem a tad baroque for my wants.

Anyone seen the wall fountain of my dreams?

posted by kristi at 4/20/2004 06:44:00 AM
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