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We're having our housewarming party on Sunday. So I'm in full tidy mode... or fighting against it... still too early to do the fun stuff like flowers or moving tables... making it seem like we're actually having a party. Or even clean the bathrooms... with two little ones underfoot it's foolhardy to actually do the cleaning too soon. I did the major mop and dust over the weekend. The rest will wait until the last minute... But I've been planting a few flowers, spreading bark, getting flotsam hauled away by the thrift store... buying paper plates...

I'm one of those people who loves the idea of having people over... but the party's always too short, or it seems silly that you did so much for it. Anyway, I'm coming to recognize that I just enjoy the process of preparing for the party, and the party itself is just icing on the cake.

posted by kristi at 5/26/2004 07:17:00 AM
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