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Sometimes inspiration smacks you up side the head and it's good when it does. I've been noodling with some new knitting ideas but hadn't settled in on a project that really had me excited.

I'm still knitting away on a sweater for publication that I really like, but at this point all the creative parts of it are gone and it's just knitting with no surprises. I'll be glad to get it done but it doesn't have the sparkle of a new project.

Then, this morning, through some window yarn shopping on Ebay and my continued subconscious thoughts on what artwork to display in the house and where, I was gobsmacked. I want to hang one of Leo's pictures over our bed. And then I want to make a knitted quilt/throw blanket out of Noro Silk Garden, that will be made up of strips knit like wider versions of Karen Baumer's multidirectional scarf. In my imagination at least, the play of the colors across the intersecting triangles will be quite interesting and fun to play with once I get ten or so strips knit.

An ambitious project surely, but I have found the scarves so pleasant to knit that I think I will keep on with it. And, symbolically, I like the interplay of our creative works. The Noro colors work well with many of Leo's images, and I think the soft geometric forms of the knit triangles will complement the lines in the picture. Two creative works, each with its own form and energy, but each made more interesting by its relationship to the other.

Have I mentioned that we're closing in on 15 years together?

posted by kristi at 5/09/2004 10:08:00 AM
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