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noro, noro, noro!

The yarn for the knitted throw for the bed came at last and here it is with the pictures that Leo did.

I'd figured on knitting each strip about 7 inches wide x 3 skeins so that the blanket would end up being about 6 feet on a side. I started knitting the first strip at that width, but it didn't really seem friendly to the length of the color changes in the yarn, so I'm knitting a narrower band. This seems closer to right. It's tempting to just keep going and declare it "fine", but I figure with this much left to knit on it, better to get it all sorted out now than when it's half knit.

Thumb's healing nicely. Very functional and only a little sore. Stitches come out next week.
Heard from my book lady again. They are still going forward with my proposal and will be showing the dummy to the interested publisher(s?) in June. So that's good news. In other book news, I'm revising one of my patterns for publication which is going to be fun. I'm looking forward to knitting it again which is a good sign, certainly.

posted by kristi at 5/26/2004 06:41:00 AM
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