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In my idle minutes I'm trying to put a syllabus for a knitting class, thinking I might teach the first session this summer. I'm excited to do it, but getting all the ducks in a row -- particularly the finding students ducky -- is a project. really, i just need to make a flyer. i'm sure i could come up with 8 or 16 pretty quickly and 2 2-hour classes with 7-8 students is what i'm looking to start with.

I cleaned out the garage this week, and then the office/craft room closet. maybe I've got pioneer Melissa's clutterfree bug. i brought the sewing machine table in and put the machine back in it. so that i might sew without a huge production.

My furniture roll continued, maybe not so impressively, with 2 end tables for the livingroom. Both likeable and compatible with each other and the emerging fin-de-siecle decor of the livingroom. i mentioned doilies to a friend, but she couldn't embrace the idea. but surely lace knitters could see the whimsy in some chartreuse anti-macassars and such?

And the friends that were trying to unload the 8 thriftstore diningroom chairs will be bringing them over this weekend. Delivery even! I don't remember exactly what they look like, but my plan is to strip them and paint them with outdoor paint in bright colors to become the patio chairs. Sure, eventually they'll age, but I figure I can get several years out of them, especially if I put them in when it rains.

I lost the auction on the fountain thing. Back to the idea of creating one from whole cloth, or, uh, whole tile. Did see a multi-tiered plant stand at the drugstore yesterday. If it's cheap enough, I may put it in the fountain spot to give me more time to work on the project.

I've been plugging away on a knitting project that had been laid aside for a long time. I made some good progress on it, but I put it aside to work on something small and colorful yesterday. Just a little Kool-Aid baby hat as a pick-me-up. I'll get back to the meat and potatoes soon.

After looking around, I may have to knit a Charlotte. Everybody's doing it. I can't exactly imagine wearing a shawl, but I suppose over a fancy sleeveless dress it could happen. But I love all the colors and it looks like fun.

And in a twist of events, things are looking brighter on not one, but two, book fronts. Someone has asked me for a pattern and technical editing on a book she's writing that sounds like a great book. It's already getting serious with the publisher so it looks like this one's got the green light. And, on the very same day I heard that, the book producer that I'd submitted an idea to got back to me and said the publisher's knitting rep IS interested and that she is taking the idea back to HER people and we'll hear from them in a week or two. If this book comes to fruition I'll be very excited. And busy.

posted by kristi at 5/01/2004 06:27:00 AM
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