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belt me.

swinging in the pendulum between last-week-of-school-go-go-go and weird west nile-like virus [headache and low fever which resurface everytime the drugs where off] for the last few days, i decided to marry a foundling belt buckle and some leftover yarn.

the cool part of this little story [aside from the belt] is that while i was at the playground working on it yesterday afternoon, i had a conversation with a bulgarian woman about knitting. she's the grandmother of a boy at zoe's school and clearly has a lot of knowledge, but is trapped by her limited english. she tried to steer me away from garter stitch for a belt, and demonstrated a variant of linen stitch for me -- in the most outrageous knitting style. one of those around-the-neck-reverse-throws that would make a harlem globetrotter's head spin.

i was glad to have her advice, not because i heeded it, but because it gave us a reason to try to communicate with each other. knitting's cool that way.

posted by kristi at 6/10/2004 02:26:00 PM
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