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I've been inspired to get out my sewing machine after emailing with Karen Baumer. She's made approximately 4 zillion pairs of pants based on the square toddler pants I made. [Pattern available at left.] You can see hers on her new website under "new stuff". Karen's are all so cute/cool they will make you want to have some yourself.

So I finally got out Mr. Pink and took him for a ride. This is some fabric that I've had for a while -- a Marimekko knock-off. The pattern is Burda. Fortunately, they fit Zoe great! And they do match the sewing machine.

Some reflections on sewing:

I still sort of suck at putting in zippers, particularly since Mr. Pink doesn't have a zipper foot and I was too lazy/impatient to set up the other machine just for the zipper.

This is my third Burda kids' pattern and I am now solidly convinced that they are better than the usual fare [at least among mainstream patterns]. Sometimes a bit more complicated, but they've got style all on their own, aside from the fabric.

Sewing and knitting are very different from one another. After not sewing for a long time, I don't know how much I enjoyed the process, but the pants are cute! But of course I see all the mistakes I should have been more careful with. I guess the answer in sewing is to just make a second one.

I have some Berroco Pronto in coral and one skein in dark pink. I'm going to look for some off-white and then knit a top for Zoe with a big flower on it.

posted by kristi at 6/06/2004 07:04:00 AM
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