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The new Knitty's out. 80,000 hits in 48 hours. I'd never have guessed that 2 years ago when Knitty was hatched. I'm interested on the feedback on this one. Many more knitters outraged by the political "Knitters against Bush" than by the licorice rope undies. But I think that's fine.

And the first episode of Knitty Gritty was on yesterday. The first episode airs again on the 4th at 4:30 EST. Can some kind soul tape it for me? My episode, it turns out, is 12th of 13, so it will air on the 17th of September. I'm eager to see what the show looks like though. Anyone remember to watch it?

posted by kristi at 7/03/2004 06:08:00 AM
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