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summer vacation

Obviously, the domestic sphere has been on summer vacation for a while. Lots of things going on around here. All good.

New (used)computer is here -- a Mac G4 with OSX. We've been on 8.6 forever it seems, but there's lots of software incompatibility and shuffling of files, so all computing which used to be automatic now takes effort. Even the keyboard is different and if I don't watch it, oy ;ppld ;olr yjod!

I have my advance copy of Knit Wit. It looks great(of course!) The book will actually be out in September sometime, but you can pre-order from Amazon right now.

Finally finished a long term knitting project which you'll soon see in Knitty. Pleased with the results and glad to finally have it done.

And, most excitingly all the sudden it seems I have a dozen projects in my lap. I'm managing the advertising for Knitty now. I've got an article to write for the winter issue that I'm excited about.

My book deal is moving forward again. I think I've got the book producers everything they need for the "dummy" of the book which they will be shopping around. I've just put together a table of contents and it seems so writable now. Lots of fun projects and a definite step outside the boundaries of the usual knitting book.

I've got a pattern to put together for another book which I will also be doing the tech editing on.

My book producer has just tapped me to tech edit ANOTHER book that someone else in the blog world is doing. Not trying to be nebulous with all of this. I just don't want to spill the beans out of anyone's burrito.

And lastly, made a connection with a local yarn dyer who's asked me to put together a whole line of patterns for her website. The yarns and the site look great. But she's totally right that she needs pattern support. This is very exciting as it's a chance to do a "collection" or two. Which is a step beyond a one-off pattern as I want them to work as a collection rather than disparate pieces.

And sometime soon (Sep 17) my TV show should air. Still haven't seen an episode of Knitty Gritty, but I'd love too!

So busy, busy, busy around here. Having lots of fun in a chicken with my head cut off kind of a way.

posted by kristi at 8/18/2004 12:14:00 PM
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