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Thanks for the kind comments about the show!

I've been reading Maggie Righetti's Sweater Design in Plain English. Why have I not read this before? A lot of useful stuff in there. The part I got the most out of now were the parts about different body types and designing appropriately for them. Good information on sleeve cap shaping too, which always gives me fits in that round peg/square hole way.

Lots of busy, fun and creative things going on in my knitting world these days; I'm really happy with where I am with it. My 12 child-free hours a week (and more!) are definitely being filled by the various projects I have going. I almost feel like I should be making some sort of flow chart of what needs to be done when, but it's just below that mark and I still feel like I can work on what moves me when it moves me and still be moving everything forward. Knitting, editing, designing, thriftshopping. What shall I do today?

posted by kristi at 9/20/2004 06:47:00 AM
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