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Yo, K2tog!

Here's Zoe modeling her pink Lion Brand something-or-other Poncho. We still haven't fringed it. This is really just two halves of a giant dishrag. Dead easy to knit except for the tree stumps I was knitting it on (#13's, I think).

Finally getting into the big ponchomania, I've cast on a shawl for me. I got too good of a deal to pass up -- 11 skeins for $50! -- on some Colinette Mercury and, after noodling around for a while, realized it would work great on a YO K2tog type shawl. And I've been enjoying knitting it -- until yesterday. Somewhere in schlepping it around and thinking I was going to knit a bit at the park or ice cream shop with the kids, I dropped a stitch and didn't notice. And the yarn is slippery. So it dropped a few rows. Now, in garter or stockinette, I can "see" how to pull the dropped stitch up and get it lined up properly. With the yarnover rows, I have NO clue. I wasn't even sure if I could properly run a "safety line" and let it rip. So I ripped it out row by row to fix the error. And in the process dropped MORE stitches. Ended last night with all the errors resolved but having lost a good deal of my progress. Ah well. It's process that counts, right?

posted by kristi at 11/20/2004 06:08:00 AM
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