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not actually wandering around as a series of disparate blobs.

nearly done with my first two series of patterns for Curious Creek. going through a final overhaul on the patterns to make sure all the information is there and correct before printing. stay tuned! all will be revealed.

am doing a bit of techno wizardry on knitgrrl -- it's going to be a fun book!

still waiting to hear about whether there's a love connection between me and a publisher. quirk is talking sweetly in various ears. happy for the moment to be in the waiting phase of "hurry up and wait".

I'm going to TNNA in Long Beach in January.

and the most recent exciting development -- i'm going to start teaching at the local yarn shop! look for me at Knitting in La Jolla Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings. I've been toying with teaching for a while and it turns out that Suzanne, the owner of the shop, has been dying for classes but is too busy to teach them. Perfect.

posted by kristi at 12/11/2004 06:34:00 AM
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