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Here's my schedule for this morning:
Answer email.
Answer Knitty email and update advertising spreadsheet.
Technically edit two patterns if they come in from the designer.
Start setting up blog for Zoe's teacher.
Help everyone get up, dressed and ready for the day.
Take Zoe to school. Stop for bagel for her lunch. Square. Everything. Toasted with Plain Cream Cheese. Again. Debate whether or not to buy good coffee from bad place.
Return home to gather stuff for knitting class.
Teach from 10 - noon.
Run to post office to express mail packages to publisher. Three patterns knit for same book that I am tech'ing the patterns on. Stay tuned.
Pick up Eleanor at preschool.

And all that before lunch! But that's about the end of my "work day" and the end of any sort of grand scheduling. Whew! This is why my laundry still doesn't get folded, despite the fact that I have most mornings free.

posted by kristi at 1/14/2005 06:23:00 AM
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