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okay, talking about the weather is one of those things, but it's worth talking about. yesterday we received 2.18 inches of rain according to the NWS. That's about as much as we got for the entire season last year! this rain year (measured summer to summer) we've already had over 18 inches of rain. the plants are happy.

all the rain is mostly fine as i've been tied to my work here on Knitting for Dogs. I've got layouts of most of the book now and have been fretting over corrections and making things as consistent as I can. We're very close to done and it looks great. Out in November, in time for your holiday shopping!

I'm doing a felted wool (with wool batts, not yarn) tapestry thing with Zoe's class today for their Gala (fundraiser auction) project. I'll be sure to take pictures so you can see how it turns out. Thank the gods, Kristine is helping me. Because of all the damp weather, I've had our "pre-felts" drying in the livingroom with the heater cranked up. They are almost dry. Dry enough.

I've really been enjoying teaching. I have some definite regulars and it's neat to watch their progress and hear about what they want to knit.

The girls and I went to the fabric store this weekend because I needed to get some muslin for our felting project. Zoe wanted a flannel nightgown. Ella liked the style -- long, fluffy sleeves, empire waist -- but wanted it to be a "beautiful yellow dress". I have no idea where the yellow dress sprang from. She usually favors purple. But she seemed very enamored of the idea. Eventually she found the right thing after wandering around looking and her saying, "No, PRETTY yellow, not that!" In the end what she chose is just the stuff that princess dresses are made of -- that weird satiny stuff. On the sale table, fortunately.

posted by kristi at 2/22/2005 06:29:00 AM
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