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I got the chance to go up to the North County Knitter's Guild meeting yesterday and see Vivian Hoxbro. She was, once again, fabulous. So kind to everyone and very much, I think, an optimist. Ready to see the good in things and move forward in whatever way the fates push.

Plus she has such a sense of style. I admire that her designs are distinctively "her". Her strong lines and colors and very simple shapes. Yet I will attest that her things really do look good on people. And a variety of people at that.

After Vivian spoke, there was Show and Tell for the Guild. Kristine and I showed off the asymmetrical jackets that I designed for Curious Creek. Which got good reviews. The patterns will be available free on the web sometime this spring!

Two funny things: One woman was walking around with a printout of "Sonnet" in her hand. Someone called out from the audience when I introduced myself, "I saw you on TV this morning!" How funny it that? It's so strange to be recognized that way. Certainly flattering and fun, and admittedly this was a group of knitters.

Apparently, I'm still on reruns on the DIYnetwork. Try February 06 at 4:30 PM Eastern or March 17 at 11:30 AM Eastern if you want to catch me!

I'm thinking of launching more of my students into felted bags since they are an easy project and everyone loves them. Plus, the store just ordered some handles finally, so we'll be able to accessorize our bags. Know any good, easy patterns?

posted by kristi at 2/02/2005 06:27:00 AM
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