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long overdue update

as you've noticed, i've become dreadfully bad at posting. it takes time. effort. anyway, i do want to take some time to catch up.

here's what that mass of drippy wool turned into. it was auctioned off and is now hanging... somewhere. i'm not sure who purchased it. neat, though, huh?

books, books, books.

Knitting for Dogs is done and off to press. Phew! I am so excited to see it when it comes out, though. They really did a fabulous job with the photography and layout. Dogs. Actual dogs. In clothes. Handknit clothes. Ultimately, fairly irresistable if you have any weakness for that sort of thing.

I'm waiting to hear on the other book deal. I think it'll be a great book, but I'm enjoying the time away from being an author. A chance to tie up some loose ends and look around a bit. I do expect that I'll be working on it this summer, though.

Saw a sneak preview of the pattern I did for Shannon Okey's Knitgrrl series. It looks great. Mine is in the second book, so you'll be waiting a while to see that one!

I put a proposal together with Jill Moreno and Kat Coyle for yet another book. No bites yet, but we'll see. Some really great designs in mind and a couple of designers that I am excited to work with, so we'll see what comes of that.

other knitting stuff

Teaching's been great. I've been having a great time with it and getting to know a lot of neat people.

We're getting very close to having the line of patterns I designed for Curious Creek up. We need to get a few bits and pieces tidied up and cue the photographer. Fun!

in the world of recreational knitting, i made one of Stitch Diva's curlique scarves. It's so fabulously organically ruffly. It reminds me of seaweed. Or lettuce. But in the most diva-ishly divine way. I'm dying to make more. But...

I'm working on a pattern for Amy Singer and Jillian Moreno's book in progress. Which needs to be done by beginning of May. And it's a big project. And I'm actually knitting a lot of it. It's pretty. But I'm weary of knitting the thing.

other other stuff

Zoe is missing her front three teeth. She can ride her bike without training wheels. She's still a Little House junkie. She's on her third read through of the entire series . Interspersed with Anne of Green Gables and various other historical fictiony things. And the Magic Treehouse. For a while she was addressing us as "Ma" and "Pa", but that's subsided. Still pink.

Ella is missing a chunk of her hair -- her second foray into self-styling! Ironically, many of her fantastic stories (of which there many) involve Rapunzel or very, very long hair. "What if my hair grew down to my feet?" She also seems to have a faintly macabre side, "What if a bad guy came and drilled me through the eye?" Mostly, she's very sweet, though.

I just bought myself a bike -- a black and white Schwinn Cruiser. The first new, new bike I've ever had. Cool. We've also purchased one of those pull behind trailers so that Ella can ride. Still waiting for our inaugural ride.

The new Knitty is up!

I've got a design in called "W". I'm very happy with it. Knitty's had it's 5,000,000 visitor. Stunningly, we had almost a quarter of a million visits on the first day the new issue was up. Really. Have a look!

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