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It looks like the book has shipped! Official release date is October 25, but Amazon no longer says that it's on hold. So look in your local knit shop or order one online!

I just got my latest edition of Vogue Knitting and was thumbing through -- saw Jennifer Hansen (Stitch Diva) mentioned and was excited for her. Then I saw the piece on Jenna Adorno's Hopeful pattern... and then, there was a book review of Knitting for Dogs. Definitely an issue to keep!

Come join us for a book signing and fashion show in La Jolla, California on Saturday, November 5 at 11:00 AM or in Olympia, Washington on November 26.

If you can't make those dates, you can still show your love by sporting some really cute stuff. with dogs. in clothes. you can even get your dog a shirt with a dog in a sweater on it.

posted by kristi at 10/17/2005 09:24:00 AM
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