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like the stock market, the spread in vegas, or a close election*, i'm watching the numbers.

Knitting for Dogs ranks as the 34th most popular knitting book sold on Amazon (in terms of sales) out of 1,394 knitting books offered. This number in itself is interesting -- 1,394 knitting books to read. (If you're wondering, the new Sally Melville, Stitch n Bitch: Knitter's Handbook, and Knitting Over the Edge head the list.

but here's the thing: go to Amazon UK, and look at the list of 2,081 knitting books ranked by "bestselling" and Knitting for Dogs is number 1. really.

i don't have anything to knit right now and I have that sort of rudderless feeling that one has when there's nothing on the needles. a friend who's done me lots of nice things for me has asked me to knit a scarf. i'm thinking that a Rock Star may be just the thing. except not Koigu because we don't have that at my LYS and because the scarf is for a friend of a friend -- which doesn't merit 6 sts/12 rows per inch. maybe something sort of sheeny and ribbonish?

*yes, we're voting again. san diego still needs a mayor! the rest of california will have to convince themselves to go to the polls for an initiatives only menu.

posted by kristi at 11/08/2005 06:17:00 AM
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