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TNNA (the national needle arts convention) has come and gone. It was a wonderful weekend. I could say a thousand things. Floating to the top of the brainpile: everyone was so fabulous. There are a lot of people in the industry I've interacted with, electronically, vicariously, etc. but not actually met over the last, um, 4 years. And while I imagined them to be fabulous, they were, as far as I knew them, a headshot and a pile of words. But you know what? They really are just as fabulous as I had imagined.

Shannon Okey, the Knitgrrl,, and Crochet Me Kim stayed at my house and they were so fun to have. My children actually nearly wept at their departure and the cat misses them too. And they bring the best sorts of hostess gifts -- when was the last time that someone brought you hand dyed cashmere? I had some great photos of them at the beach, but they seem to have vaporized. So we will have to wait for someone to catch up with the photos... Aside from the cashmere and some leftover macaroni and cheese, I have very little proof they were here.

On Saturday night, we went over to Curious Creek Kristine's for a fabulous little evening. Home cooked food and lots of fiber. Just what we needed.

Amy held forth on spinning silk hankies.

Kristine gave an impromptu lesson on her serendipitous dying process.

And the bad girls of crochet, Cecily Keim , Kim Werker, , and Amy O'Neill Houck were flashing the secret sign.

I also got a chance to eat delicious thai food and drink pink drinks with the fine folks at Potter Craft. My camera did not capture much in the low light, but here are Amy and Jillian.
Also there were the wonderful Ann and Kay of Mason Dixon, Fiona Ellis, Margrit Lohrer of Morehouse Farm, Ashley Paige, and the Yarn Girls, Julie Carles and Jordana Jacobs and lots of other great folks.

Anyway, if anyone suggests that you might want to spend your summer on a bus getting sucked into some fiber-loving borg with any of these people, do sign on, you won't regret it!

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