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So the rumors are true. I've been hooking. Not obsessively really, but little flowers, the odd granny square, etc. I even did a little swatch yesterday in Tunisian crochet. When they say "creates a sturdy fabric" they aren't kidding though. If you want that (thick, almost no stretch)for a belt or bag, it is s a cool technique. Like traditional crochet, I have to say I am shocked by how much yarn it gulps up.

the bigger square is from CrochetMe Kim, the smaller one is mine.

And this is a sweater for Zoe. The body is knit (yo, k2tog), but I did do a crochet border all around and at the sleeves. Which turned out just fine. Crochet is really easy to rip out, which is nice. But honestly, what was so nice about knitting this sweater is that I knew it was not going to be published! So I let the mistakes stay and didn't take notes and didn't have to think of knitting in terms of how to describe it. I don't get to do that very often.

posted by kristi at 3/02/2006 06:51:00 AM
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