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we just got back from a spring visit to washington, d.c., where we saw trees in full blossom and celebrated the spring holidays with the broader branches of the family tree. a beautiful and busy visit.

i was excited to learn before our trip that ann and kay would be in d.c. doing a book signing during my visit -- further, the book shop is walking distance from my grandmother-in-law's apartment on the very evening the family would dine at her home. so i trotted over, got my "for keeps" copy of ann and kay's wonderful book and met some great knitters.

after reading the book and getting in to the "log cabin" blanket idea and all that it holds i was struck by a connection between that and sophie taeuber's dada needlepoints on display at the national gallery of art in the east wing. if you're in the area, you should definitely check it out. i think some of taeuber's work would extend very well and naturally to knitting in the log cabin style.

i did a web search for "taeuber needlepoint" to try to find the piece that i was thinking about. i didn't find it. but the first link that came up was lollygirl's blog. and here's another serendipitous element: i met lolly at the booksigning, and she not only recognized me, but blogged me and my very orange outfit -- apparently it's orange month for Project Spectrum. So you can check us out chez lolly. note that i am carrying my fabulous orange purse from grandma edna.

it's amazing how round the world is sometimes.

posted by kristi at 4/18/2006 09:37:00 AM
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