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station wagon

it may seem like i'm not knitting, but really, i am. or doing knitting related tasks. one of life's little ironies: the more knitting-related work i have, the less time i have to knit.

a lot of my knitting comes in those "soccer-mom" moments. and all the sudden, i totally feel like a soccer-mom. the girls are at different schools and as they get more involved in the external world and, as yet, are unable to drive themselves as they still require booster seats, and have only recently mastered fastening their own seatbelts, i take them places in the station wagon. places where, i'll point out, there are many other station wagons. we are, apparently, station wagon people. and i've come to accept that.

i confess though, that i have taken to overestimating the time it will take me to run errands or how early i have to leave to pick-up -- and then i sit in my station wagon and knit.

posted by kristi at 4/26/2006 06:33:00 AM
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